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Summer Holiday

Time for a blog break. I’m off to aestivate for a few weeks. If you want to keep up with me I’ll still be posting on UkeToob, Tumblr and Twitter. Have a good one!

Leftover Cuties, Svavar Knutur: UkeTube

Full Playlist Leftover Cuties – One Heart Cloggheads – Graveyard Thanks to Ron Hale. Hein Overbeek – Swing Gitane Thanks to Ron Hale. Svavar Knútur and Marius Ziska – Tokan St Kilda Mailboat – Fishing for Bread The Limiñanas – AF3458 Boys Who Say No – No I Won’t The Everly Pregnant Brothers – Gimpy […]

Friday Links

New Releases – the Spark & the Fire by Leftover Cuties. – Keston Cobblers’ Club hop on a bus with Bob Harris to launch their new EP: A Scene of Plenty. – Calamitous Liaisons by Tricity Vogue. – R&B singer and jazz trumpeter has a new EP for free: Sam Trump Plays The Uke (download […]

David Beckingham – Spanish Flea (Tab)

David Beckingham – Spanish Flea It’s a great pleasure to have David Beckingham back on the blog. His arrangements are always a treat. And I’m obviously not the only one to think so. His version of In the Mood the trailer for the documentary As Time Goes by in Shanghai. David was kind enough to […]

6 Great Books by Ukulele Playing Authors

Whether you’re spending your summer lounging on the beach or – like me – curled up in a darkened room praying for it to end, you’ll need a good book to read. If you’re looking for suggestions here are six great books by ukulele players. Some are ukulele related, some music related, some just excellent […]

Skinny Lister – Colours (Chords)

Skinny Lister – Colours (Chords) I’m slightly dismayed I managed to miss this when it was released last year. Perhaps I had to wait for the hot weather before I could take the song in. But I’m very glad I did. You should certainly check out their music if you’re digging their modern-day Dexy’s Midnight […]

Skinny Lister, Janelle Monae: UkeTube

Full Playlist

Friday Links

Pierre Borghi was kidnapped by the Taliban. He kept himself sane with thoughts of ukuleles. Leftover Cuties are Kickstarting. Many uke rewards for grabs. Custom designed pocket ukulele. DeAnne Smith song marred by cat interference. Ukkulele.

The xx – Intro (Tab)

The xx – Intro (Harp Ukulele Tab) The xx were the highlight of my sofa-Glastonbury this year. It might have been Arctic Monkeys if it weren’t for that weird gameshow host thing and the cheesy, Oasis-style string arrangements. For a better example of arranging for pop bands have a listen to Alex Baranowski’s work with […]

Three More Weird-Ass Scales

The last Three Weird Ass Scales proved popular so here are three more to introduce some new sounds to your playing. A quick restatement of the disclaimer: – The “weird ass”ness of the scales depends entirely on your perspective. – The examples are a lame pastiche rather than an authentic example of use. Double Harmonic […]