Taylor Swift – august (Tabs)

Taylor Swift – august (Tab)

Taylor Swift seems to be ubiquitous these days. And there’s no getting away from her here, I’m afraid. Here’s my take on a track from her album Folklore (giving you plenty of time to practice before it becomes relevant): August

Verse: These are nice and simple. Standard chords in the first position.

Chorus: There aren’t many songs that get more gentle in the chorus. But it’s very effective here. This section is slightly more difficult. It moves up the neck for a bit of campanella action and there’s some swift picking required.

The second chorus starts with an A minor chord rather than a C. If you prefer, you can just stick with C since that’s what she did on the Long Pond version.

Bridge: The song changes character here and it gets much trickier to play. The melody is less structured than in the verse and chorus, with a bunch of words crammed in.

Outro: I tried to mimic the way the song drops out for the first bar of this section the second time it crops up. Then blasting in with full on strumming.


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