Lars Larsson’s Ukulele Video Showcase: I’m A Fan (Part 2)


I Shot the Sheriff (Bob Marley)
Santeria (Sublime)
I Got A Name (Jim Croce)
Waterfalls (TLC)
Fire & Rain (James Taylor)
What A Wonderful World
Rubber Ducky (I’m wearin’ my Oakland A’s cap too!!)

Daniel McF

Daniel is someone I found on You Tube some time ago. He’s a nutter and a talent. Love his songwriting.

Dive On In (Just a little naughty)“If you were my woman and I was your man. I would be all over you just like Godzilla on Japan”(You gotta love that Metranome solo)
Sweet Life
Christmas Beau

Lyle Ritz & Bill Tapia

Go Back to the Little Grass Shack (Partial)

Victoria Vox

Ukulele Lady (Partial)

Lil’ Rev

One Meatball (Portland Uke Fest 2006)
St. Louis Blues
Ukulele Polka
Angelina Baker
Boots and Saddle Anacortes 2007
Wild About It
Harmonica Anacortes 2007

Lars Larsson’s Ukulele Video Showcase: I’m A Fan (Part 1)

Greg Hawkes

When I was in just out of high school I would hear “The Cars” on the radio. I really liked their unique sound. I found a member of “The Cars” playing the ukulele on “Midnight Ukulele Disco” and I really love it. Here’s Greg Hawkes. Enjoy.

Songs from “The Cars”
Moving In Stereo w/Tim Mann
Drive w/Tim Mann
Tonight She Comes

Greg Hawkes Classics
Pennies From Heaven
Greg Hawkes version of old time tune…
Blue Jay Way (G. Harrison)


Cover songs with Kharmachanic personality!

Heart Full of Soul (Yardbirds)
Backstabbers (O’Jays)
Beginnings (Chicago)
Temptation Eyes (Grassroots)
Let Your Love Flow (Bellamy Brothers)
50 Ways to Leave Your Lover (Paul Simon)

Brook Adams

(New videos)
Abbey Road Medley
The Ballad of Larry Craig Idaho Thrillbillies (with Mike DaSilva)

In Other News…

I’m going to be away next week (nowhere exotic). Thanks to modern technology, there will still be posts cropping up but I won’t be replying to emails or comments until I’m back.

See you soon.

Lars Larsson’s Ukulele Video Showcase: Swedes on Ukes

Rigk Sauer’s Quickie Version of Swedish Ukulele Festival in Gothenberg

Jens Lekman
A man walks into a bar
You are the Light
Jens Lekman at “Ukulele-festivalen” Part 1

Bengt Nordfors
Net med ukulele I
Som folk g
Net med Josefssoon
Ode to Brother Anders
Bengt Nordfors on Swedish Nyckleharpa Keyed Harp(Old Swedish Instrument, for the curious):
Nyckelharpa á la Napoli
Bach on Nyckelharpa

Grushagen Bros
“Jag stÃ¥r över lagen” – I’m above the law
“AvgÃ¥!” — &mode=related&search=
The Fuglesang Song (Swedens first astronaut Christer Fuglesang is scheduled to go into space with the next space shuttle in december 2006. The Grushagen brothers wonder why. What has he done that is so bad? They can think of a lot of people they’d rather send into space, with a one way ticket.

Thomas Allander
AKA “ukulelemannen” ( The Ukulele Man) demonstrates a few of his rather special ukuleles at the Ukulele Festival in Stockholm 2007

The Ukulele Conspiracy in Helsinki 2007
Folsom Prison Blues

Swedish Art Video with ukulele background music
Andra Världskriget – Sanningen

Sweden Videos
Lappland (A German video of Northern Sweden)
Sweden (from Lappland in the North to Skane in the South)

And Finally…

News from the opposite end of the globe. New Zealand holds its first Ukulele Festival today. Players include James Hill, Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra, and Sione Aleki. You can watch a video of Hill and Aleki playing with, event organiser, Kevin Fogarty here.

Thanks to Tegan for the heads up on this one.

Lars Larsson’s Ukulele Video Showcase: Ukulele Noir

Mark Occhionero

(Played at Mike DaSilva’s Studio in Berkeley and made a special broadcast from Boston to Berkeley, Ca for our second club meeting!)

Pork Pie Hat
Body & Soul
Goodbye Pork Pie Hat
When You’re Smiling
BUC Lesson (When U Smilin’)
Sleepy Eyes (At Mike DaSilva’s Studio)
See YouTube for about 40 more

Melvern Taylor

Sad & Blue
Sad & Blue (Art Video version)
Andrea (MT and the Fabulous Meltones) — &mode=related&search=
Sleepy Eyes

Craig Robertson

Kirtland Murder Barn
Sawing a Lady in Half
She Likes to Pull the Wings Off Flies
Masochism Tango
The Hypnotist

Craig Robertson also has a new album out, That Dress, which includes Sawing A Lady… and She Likes To Pull…

Fran Spain

5 Foot 2
All of Me
Hone A Ka Wai
Sweet Georgia Brown (Risa Solid)
Singing in the Rain

Keep up to date with the latest Noir-ings at Ukulele Noir.

The Lars Larrson lists were compiled by The list was compiled by Jeff West of the Berkeley Ukulele Club and had to be rescued from a hole at the bottom of the internet.

Lars Larsson’s Ukulele Video Showcase: Ukulele Duets and More

Rawhide (Played on a TV Pal Plastic Ukulele)
California Sun
Man in the Street

Keonepax – Yellow Bird

Honey & Bosko – Girl from Ipenema

Lauren Beller & Band

A fun loving little trio

Laughing Will Smith & Stefan Raab (Germany Interview / Comedy)

Claudia Goddard, Rush Kress

Patsy Monteleone, Gio Gaynor — Sleighride

Jeffrey Lew, Uke Jackson — Come Back Baby

Uke Jackson, Patsy Monteleone – Friend of the Devil

Renee Rogers, Uke Crooner – Cheek to Cheek

Karen Langlie, Craig Robertson – Money

Jam @ Retrofit

Garota de Ipanema (Brazilian, excuse the burp!)

Honey & Bosko (Never enough of them)

YouTube Duet

Lars Larsson’s Ukulele Video Showcase: Old Time Ukulele Players

Themed list of the best ukulele videos by Lars Larsson.

George Formby / When I’m cleaning windows
GF / Auntie Maggie’s Remedy (Banjo Uke)
GF / She’s got two of everything (Banjo Uke)

Roy Smeck / 12th Street Rag & Interview
RS / Tap Dancing on the Uke

Vincent Cortese (student of Roy Smeck) / Tribute to Roy Smeck
Musician, teacher, and author Vincent Cortese performs an impromptu ukulele solo at the Lewis
Playhouse in Rancho Cucamonga, California (on a borrowed ukulele). Mr. Cortese was a student,
friend, and the biographer of legendary vaudevillian musician Roy ‘Wizard of the Strings‘ Smeck.

Cliff Edwards / Hang on to Me (1935)
CE / That’s My Weakness Now
CE / Fascinating Rhythm
There’s a great web site for Cliff Edwards at Red Hot Jazz.

Ming & Toy / (1936) Vaudeville (Warning: Strong Stereotype)

Lars Larsson’s Ukulele Video Showcase I: UkuLadies

Recently, the Berkeley Ukulele Club message board disappeared and took along with it the excellent list of the best ukulele videos in various categories. The list was compiled by Jeff West of the Berkeley Ukulele Club, the Ukulele Club of Santa Cruz and the Deutscher Ukulelenclub. He’s very kindly supplied me with the lists and has let me put them up.

Here’s the first list, dedicated to the distaff side of ukulele.

Alison Young / Satellite

Karen Langlie (w/friend) / Money

Honey with Bosko / Dance with Me

Kelli Rae Powell / Handmedowns

Sweet Soubrette / Tenderness Has Teeth

Ami Worten / Beedle Um Bum

Heather Lev / Ukulele Afternoon

Taimane Gardner / Tico Tico

Meaghan Ferrell / Optimist

Helen Kane / Betty Boop

Mercedezz (Banjo Uke) / I Will Survive

Honey with Bosko / Baby It’s You

Zoe Woodbury / There Is A Light That Never Goes Out

Janet Klein / Tonight You Belong to Me

AlliBee / Claire

Victoria Vox / Uking on the Road

Rose Turtle Ertler with B & H

Raiatea Helm / Kalama’ula

Brittni Paiva/ Europa

Friday Links

The blog of Durham Ukulele Club has chords and mp3s for some classic tunes.
giant uke ukulele ukelele of nova scotia
A Noob and his Uke: The ukulele world seen through the eyes of a newbie.

Lars Larsson’s themed guide to the best uke videos on YouTube. (The forum was having some decidedly NSFW spam problems earlier in the week so tread carefully).

Vote for the Giant Uke of Liverpool (not that Liverpool) as one of the 7 Wonders of Nova Scotia.

The Night of 100 Ukes performance of Ring of Fire at Bestival is available on Rob Da Bank’s album of the event.

The mp3 blogs are awash with tracks from the new Beirut album, The Flying Club Cup.

Transpose a chord progression a chord progression into the most suitable key for the ukulele using the Uke-ifier.

Listen to tunes from Bob Brozman’s lastest album on NPR. Each song was built up from an initial improvisation on a small instrument such as the ukulele or the charango.jenny fluke

bad jenny ukelele ukulele dollFollow the Adventures of Bad Jenny the uke-playing pipe-cleaner doll as she drinks, poops and plays uke in the fridge. Update: Learn Bad Jenny’s fellatio tips.

What he has to put up with at the office.

Kick out the jams Mother Hubbard: The class of Room 4 have some sound advice on dealing with teachers.


Tab-U-Learn, Humble Uker and other Uke Links

Buke has made a very welcome return to the net under the new guise of Tab-U-Learn. There are a bunch of exercises, tips and tabs, divided by difficulty, for baritone and low-G uke.

Jeff West, who regularly points me in the direction of uke stuff and contributed the Lars Larrson series to the blog, has set up his own uke blog Humble Uker Ramblings.

Max the Ukulele Punk Blogger.

The War Ponies were rather less successful than Dubby Kirk in their appearance on The Gong Show. Unfortunately, the video has been deleted, but I remember a phrase along the lines of, “I’d rather whack my cock with an ax.”

Jupiter/I Vow to Thee My Country on Uker Tabs.

The New York Ukulele Ensemble wants ukulele marchers for the Art Parade on 6th September.

Teddy Thompson, son of Richard and Linda, performs a uke version of In My Arms. (thanks to Mary).

Ottawa Citizen doesn’t want you to mock the uke.

Six Eyes has an mp3 of Tut Tut’s Pins on Your Purse.

Zippy the Pinhead turns his back on ukulele fame. (Thanks to Pam).