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Bluegrass Reel

Here is a brand new piece. I composed it just this morning. I haven’t even recorded it yet. It is a reel in a bluegrass style for ukulele in C tuning (high G). Bluegrass Reel KEN

Deer Dear by Kate Micucci

Dear Deer by Kate Micucci G Dear deer I am writing you a letter In the hopes that you’ll know better C Not to go in the woods in Pennsylvania G C ‘Cause my dad’s in a tree waiting to kill ya G Just be warned G Some say Dream until tomorrow That’ll wash away […]

The King Blues – My boulder

Chords C:0003 D:2220 Em: 0432 Cmaj7:0002 C    Cmaj7      em You can lean on me, C     Cmaj7      D Cry on my shouder, C      Cmaj7     em If I’m Obelix, C     Cmaj7            D            C You […]

Lily Allen – The Fear

The Fear – Lily Allen F          F7                       Bb I wanna be rich, And I want lots of money Bbm                        F I don’t care about clever, I don’t care about funny F7                         Bb I want loads of clothes, And f*ck loads of diamonds Bbm                          F I heard people die while they’re trying to find them F7                          […]