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Eddie Vedder – Soon Forget

“Soon Forget” by Pearl Jam This is work I stole from ‘’ and revised. Sounds just about right, a few inconsistency here and there. Comments and revisions most welcome. Note: it is played half a step down, i.e. ‘C’ becomes ‘B’ [C]Sorry is the fool who trades his soul [F] for a Corvette [D7]Thinks he’ll […]

Sophie Madeleine – Beard Song

I just thought I’d post the chords for a nice song I heard on the ukulele…. BEARD SONG perfomed by Sophie Madeleine written by: Hannah Rockcliffe D D7 There are beards that reach down to your toes G Gm And beards that grow right up your nose D D7 They’re quite impressive I suppose G […]

Karma Police – Radiohead

Comes in three parts.  Only have the demo version of Guitar Tab so had to screenshot them instead.  I think the timing’s a beat out on the third part, but not sure where…Meh. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 You can purchase OK Computer here