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Argyle Smile – Every Song

Hey, so this sounds good to me, but I don’t think it’s perfect. My favorite track from last weeks UkeTube Also, you can hear him moving around on the A-string at the end of some of the progressions, sometimes moving up to Cadd9, and other times going up to the 7th fret. I think there […]

Zutons / Amy Winehouse Mark Ronson : Valerie

Verse 1      C                                                                                                   Dm Well sometimes I go out by myself and I look across the water       C                                                                                                                                   Dm And I think of all the things, what you’re doing and in my head I make a picture Chorus F                                                                             Am ‘Cos since I’ve come on home, well my body’s been a mess […]

blacking out the friction–death cab for cutie v.2

Easy, uke-friendly chords to a great song by DCFC! Excellent for beginners. Also a good key for alto and tenor voices. Buy the track here.   opening riff A||————1——0———————|| E||—-0—0—–0——-0-0—1-0——|| C||-0—————————————-|| G||——0—-0——0——0————-||     C                                F I don’t mind the weather                  C                                         F I’ve got scarves and caps and sweaters                 C                                  F                                   C             F I’ve […]

2 Atoms in a Molecule

Just the main riff. Worked out what I think is a uke friendly way of playing it. All though I didn’t put them in I use pull offs when I play a few sections. Fun little riff to play. Not in the same key as song. New record drops August 31, preorders are up at […]

Heregoesnothing’ by NeverShoutNever

heregoesnothin’ ukulele tab Half Step Down Chords Used: Gsus2 – 0230 A – 2100 Bm – 4222 D – 222x “Alright here goes nothing” Verse: Gsus2, A, Bm, A Gsus2, Bm, A Pre Chorus: Gsus2, A, Bm, A Gsus2, A, Bm, A Chorus: Bm,  A, D, A Bm,  A, D, A Verse 2 Chorus 2 […]

Grandaddy – A.M. 180 riff

Grandaddy- A.M. 180 This song was in a few skate videos when I was a teenager and I always loved the opening riff. My version is a bit lower than the original, but you can always move it up a few frets as you see fit. A |——————————————————— E |—–1–3—–3——1–0–1——0–3–3–1– C |———————2————-0——————- G |–2——–2——————————————- Buy […]

Ace of Spades

Key = D. Live with it. Lemmy plays it in Eb. INTRO: D C 4x |—————————-| |–2–2-2–2-2-2-2–2–2–0–| |–2–2-2–2-2-2-2–2–2–0–| |–2–2-2–2-2-2-2–2–2–0–| MAIN RIFF (CHORUS): D x4 |————————————| |–2–2—2–2–2–2–2—–2—-2—| |–2–2—2–2–2–2–2—–2—-2—| |–2–2—2–2–2–2–2—–1—-0—| VERSE 1: F *if you like to gamble, I tell you I’m your man F *you win some, lose some, it’s all the same to me Screamy […]

Rihanna – Umbrella

Rihanna – Umberella (Chords) Chords submitted by Falynn. You can watch his video to go along with it here.

(Just Like) Starting Over – John Lennon

Song: (Just Like) Starting Over Artist: John Lennon Album: Double Fantasy Tabbed by: Nadja Dee Witherbee (nadjadee) CHORDS (Standard tuning GCEA) A – 2100 A+ – 2110 F#m/A – 2120 E7 – 1202 D – 2225 Dm – 2210 Bm – 4222 C#m – 6444 F# – 3121 D7 – 2223 D/F# – 2220 E/G# […]

Harry Potter Theme Tab

Before I learned how to read tabs, I would track finger movements and then play from memory. This is how I learned to play the Harry Potter theme on my ukulele.  Click on this link to watch a video of me playing it: HP Theme Since then, I’ve learned how to do tabs and stuff […]