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Rihanna – Umbrella

Rihanna – Umberella (Chords) Chords submitted by Falynn. You can watch his video to go along with it here.

(Just Like) Starting Over – John Lennon

Song: (Just Like) Starting Over Artist: John Lennon Album: Double Fantasy Tabbed by: Nadja Dee Witherbee (nadjadee) CHORDS (Standard tuning GCEA) A – 2100 A+ – 2110 F#m/A – 2120 E7 – 1202 D – 2225 Dm – 2210 Bm – 4222 C#m – 6444 F# – 3121 D7 – 2223 D/F# – 2220 E/G# […]

Harry Potter Theme Tab

Before I learned how to read tabs, I would track finger movements and then play from memory. This is how I learned to play the Harry Potter theme on my ukulele.  Click on this link to watch a video of me playing it: HP Theme Since then, I’ve learned how to do tabs and stuff […]

Home – Joey Cape

joey-cape-home-uke1   Im hoping the pdf will work this time, but if not: a : – -5- – – -5 – – – 5 – 6|  – 6 – – – – -6 – – – -| e : – – – – – – – – – – – – – –  | – – […]

Vertigo Smyth – Comfort Me

The standout track for me from this Saturday’s UkeTube was Vertigo Smyth’s Comfort Me.  I’m not the savviest at this chord charting business but Comfort Me seemed pretty simple.  Hopefully I didn’t completely botch it.  Oh, and any help on the lyrics would be appreciated, I basically made these up… UPDATE 7/11: Thanks all, they’re […]

A bunch of tabs for the uke !

Hello ! As the title say, you can find a bunch of Tabs for the uke inspired by YouTube performers (as Wininboy, Ukulelezaza, WS64, and other), records of artist like Roy Smeck and personal arrangement on this French Website ! All these Tabs are retranscribed by Arnaud D. and Dav. Have a nice visit and […]

Coldplay, ‘Yellow’

Coldplay, ‘Yellow’ ukulele tab The old indie walk-on-the-beach becomes a little more interesting when you listen out for the subtleties. I’ve not transcribed the chords verbatim, but used the hints of sus4s that were there, and a particularly lovely Fadd9. Still a nice easy version. And there’s a surprise at the end I’d entirely forgotten! […]

Sufjan Stevens- Lakes of Canada

This is a cover of Lakes of Canada by The Innocence Mission. Video here: I learned it a while ago on the banjo but ukulele being my true love, I thought I’d it figure out and share. Go watch the video to see strumming pattern. It’s pretty easy once you get the rhythm down( […]

Eddie Vedder – Soon Forget

“Soon Forget” by Pearl Jam This is work I stole from ‘’ and revised. Sounds just about right, a few inconsistency here and there. Comments and revisions most welcome. Note: it is played half a step down, i.e. ‘C’ becomes ‘B’ [C]Sorry is the fool who trades his soul [F] for a Corvette [D7]Thinks he’ll […]

Sophie Madeleine – Beard Song

I just thought I’d post the chords for a nice song I heard on the ukulele…. BEARD SONG perfomed by Sophie Madeleine written by: Hannah Rockcliffe D D7 There are beards that reach down to your toes G Gm And beards that grow right up your nose D D7 They’re quite impressive I suppose G […]

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