Nice Ukuleles, SpongeBob and other Ukes on eBay

Nice Ukuleles has to be one of the worst brand name of ukuleles out there. It makes the sound cheap and tacky when it looks like they’re a long way from being that. There are a bunch of them for sale here along with a handsome 6 string Kamaka.

SpongeBob SquarePants ukuleles have been around for a while now, in the UK at least, but there are a couple of interesting developments this week. In the US, there’s this appropriately shaped but possibly trademark infringing painted uke. And in the UK, there are a number of Flying V Spongebob ukuleles.

D’oh. “I bought this Mele Soprano Uke a few months ago, and broke my hand the same day it was delivered.” If you feel sorry for him, you do a BIN on his Mele for over the asking price of a new one.

On eBay UK, there’s a Keech Banjolele signed by the man himself along with a couple of banjo ukes here and here that look like they’d scrub up nicely.

LoPrinzi Herb Ohta Model.

Ukulele photo of the week.

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