Sophie Madeleine – Stars (Chords and Tab)

Sophie Madeleine – Stars (Chords and Tab)

Here’s another top-notch song from Sophie Madeleine and another one for to steal (unless they made exactly the same screw ups with the passing chords I did). And they butcher the stuff they nick: they even keep the G’ notation in this which makes no sense since all their chord shapes are auto-generated.

Anyway, enough bitter ranting, on to the song.

Suggested Strumming

For the verses:

d – d u – u d u

For each chord except the last C in the verse.

For the middle do all down strums for the first two chords then d u D u d u D u for the next two.

(Not So) Twiddly Bits

For the intro you play the chords just the same as the verse but take your finger off the A string and play it open for the last strum on the C’, C5- and Csus4 chords.

Buy it on BandCamp and Rocky and Balls have released a charity song in aid of people with moustaches (I think).

Requested by Marcelo and Emily.

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