Five Manchester Riffs (Tab)

Continuing the celebration of Manchester in honour of the Bossarocker’s Ukulele Show with five – mostly jangly – Manc riffs.

The Stone Roses – Waterfall

I moved this one up a fret because I like this sound of the g-string ringing. But, if you want to play along to the record, it’s easy to move everything down a fret (and the G down to the C-string 6th fret).


The Happy Mondays – Loose Fit

This one is slightly adapted to keep it in the same key.


Joy Division – Love Will Tear Us Apart

I wanted to have this one strummed. That way you can get away with implying the low B and A notes in the last two bars rather than playing them.


The Chemical Brothers – Galvanize

I don’t know if this one even counts as being from Manchester. The Chemical Brothers were both born in London and this riff was sampled from Moroccan Najat Aatabou.


The Fall – Wrong Place, Right Time

I couldn’t let this post go without one from The Mighty Fall. The first half of the riff sounds great with full chords. But it does make the second half – played as single notes – sound a bit wimpy.


More Manchester

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The Fall – How I Wrote Elastic Man
The Happy Mondays – Step On

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