Ukulele Christmas Quiz 2017

Time for the annual Uke Hunt Christmas time-waster.

– Grab a pen and paper
– Display knowledge.
– There might be spoilers in the comments.
– Check the answers here (no peeking).
– Return in triumph or despair and share you score in the comments.

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Name the Chord

What chord are these? (All the chords are either major, minor or 7. Nothing more complicated than that.)






Name the Brand

Click for a bigger version.


By Howard County Library System


By Howard County Library System


By FolsomNatural


By Charles Mims


By Charles Mims

Name the Cover

Who first released the songs these ukulele orchestras are covering?

11. West Cork Ukulele Orchestra

12. Dublin Ukulele Group

13. Ware Ukulele Group

14. Ukulele Orchestra jako Brno

15. Grand Old Uke of York

Name the Celeb


a) Andrew Garfield
b) Chris Evans
c) Henry Cavill
d) Michael Fassbender


a) Bing Crosby
b) Bob Hope
c) Fred Astaire
d) Groucho Marx


a) Anna Faris
b) Anna Kendrick
c) Anna Chlumsky
d) Anna Nicole Smith


a) Harry Styles
b) Louis Tomlinson
c) Zayn Malik
d) Niall Horan


a) Paris Hilton
b) Paris Geller
c) Paris Jackson
d) Mica Paris

Name the Lyric

Which songs – oft covered on ukulele – are these lyrics from?

21. Remember to let her into your heart / Then you can start to make it better

22. The club isn’t the best place to find a lover / So the bar is where I go

23. ‘Cause since I’ve come on home / Well my body’s been a mess / And I’ve missed your ginger hair / And the way you like to dress

24. Some bright morning when this life is over

25. Heading down south to the land of the pines / I’m thumbing my way into North Caroline

Check the answers here

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