Mahalo Flying V Ukulele Review

I wasn’t going to write a review of the Mahalo Flying V. My brother got me one for Christmas. It was a nice thought and he wasn’t to know it’s the WORST UKULELE IN THE WORLD.

The Good Stuff

The Look: It does look good. Even close up. The way the neck attaches to the body is a little inelegant, but nevertheless.

… erm… The intonation isn’t too bad for the price.

The Bad Stuff

The Sound: The sound is awful. Weak and flat.

Playability: It’s very hard to play without buzzes and scratches. The neck feels nasty. It’s almost impossible to find a comfortable strumming or picking position. Which brings me on to…

The Shape: The shape makes it impossible to hold and strum comfortably.

When you’re sitting down it’s hard to avoid getting spiked in the groin. Which isn’t an experience I enjoy (and anyone who tells you I do enjoy it and that I regularly pay for exactly that experience is lying).

The only way I’ve found to play it standing up is to stick my arm through the middle of the V. Which makes strumming tricky, picking impossible and you look like a divot.

Tuning Pegs: Argh! Cheap friction pegs.


Strumming Test


Picking Test


Intonation Test



If you are thinking of getting a Mahalo Flying V as your first ukulele please, please, please don’t. I can’t think of a worse ukulele to learn on. If you must have a ukulele that looks like a guitar, get a Mahalo Les Paul instead. They’re a much better instrument.

If you have a decent uke or two already, get one for the novelty value. But buy one of these while you’re at it.

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