New Look Buy a Ukulele Section, Joe Brown Signature Kala: Window Shopping

I’ve given the Buy a Ukulele section an overhaul. The used for that section stopped being updated and I haven’t been able to change anything on it for a long time. So I’ve switched the whole thing over to WordPress. I’ll probably be adding to it and messing around with the layout in the next couple of weeks. So if you’ve got any suggestions, let me know. You can still find the old version here for the time being at least.

The Southern Ukulele Store (henceforth to be referred to as SUS) have the new Joe Brown signature Kala ukulele.

And the other TLA seller (MGM) has two new ukuleles from Kala: cedar top.

Mandolin on one side, ukulele on the other. The main picture looks very different from the actual item.

If you have twelve and a half million dollars burning a hole in your pocket, check out this Queen Lilioukalani music box.

Ukulele kitsch: Marilyn Monroe on the ukulele Christmas tree ornament.

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