The Blockheads – A Little Knowledge (Tabs and Chords)

The Blockheads – A Little Knowledge (Chords)

I went to see the Ian Dury biopic Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll last week. Enjoyable film – mostly for Andy Serkis’s performance. And he was a hell of a guy: probably the only person with balls big enough to take the piss out of Mick Jones to his face and one of the few people to ever write a great protest song.

Ian Dury is, obviously, irreplaceable. Which hasn’t stopped the Blockheads replacing him. With the best will in the world, Derek ‘The Draw’ Hussey isn’t up to the job. The vocals and lyrics might not be much cop, but there are plenty of nice musical moves going on. The tasty ukulele intro in this version is played on a low-G uke, but it works pretty well in standard tuning too:

A Little Knowldge (Intro Tab)

The ukulele intro doesn’t feature on the recorded version, but there is a uke on it playing the chords. The chord progression is quite a neat chromatically descending figure topped off with a classic turnaround.

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