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Uke Hunt Podcast #3

Powered by Download Uke Hunt Podcast #3 Subscribe with iTunes Bossa has made her much anticipated return just in time for a Christmas podcast. And she’s put together an excellent selection of Christmas and non-Christmas tracks. As always, there’s plenty of swearing so those with sensitive ears should tread carefully. If you want to […]

Rocky and Balls – The Christmas Song Song (Chords)

Rocky and Balls – The Christmas Song Song Sophie Madeleine’s much anticipated second album The Rhythm You Started is out now and packed with fantastic songs. You can listen and buy on Bandcamp (if you’re cherry-picking the essential tracks are 1, 2, 3 and 5). Which leads nicely into this years most requested song. Suggested […]

David’s Lyre: UkeTube

David’s Lyre is putting up one video a day for advent and they’re all available for free on Bandcamp. Two of those featured today – one cover and one original – in what’s quite a melancholy and jazzy selection.

Ukulele Window Shopping

I’ve been cooing over the 4-figure vintage ukes this week: * 1920s Martin 5K * Style 3 Taropatch * 1920s Martin 3K * Gibson Uke 3 Lest you think using ukuleles in ads is a recent development: Ansco and Miller. Ukulele kitsch: The battle for tackiest ukulele Christmas ornament is as heated as ever with […]

Friday Links

Photos of ukes from the 2010 Ukulele Guild of Hawaii Exhibition with this one being the nuttiest. I think I recognise this banner (Thanks to Tim). Jim Beloff finds his bliss. I don’t want anyone to get the impression I might respect women for their intelligence, energy and individuality, but I’m slightly flabbergasted that beauty […]

Jingle Bell Rock (Tab)

Jingle Bell Rock (Tab) One of the many, many, many things I love about Christmas is that you can unselfconsciously use as many jazzy chords as you like. So I take every chance I get in this arrangement to use the devil’s interval and bust out my favourite turnaround chord of all time: the +5. […]

Christmas Ukulele Tabs and Chords

A quick round up of the past two years’ worth of Christmas tabs and chords: 12 Days of Christmas (Chords) All I Want for Christmas Is You – Mariah Carey (Chords and Tab) Christmas for Cowboys – John Denver/Ballard C Boyd (Chords) Cold Outside – Julia Nunes & Wade Johnson (Chords) Fairytale of New York […]

Weezer – The Christmas Song (Chords)

Weezer – The Christmas Song (Chords) Time to break out the Christmas songs. In case you’ve joined us in the last year, the Christmas tabbing policy is tabs for well known songs and chords for completely obscure songs. Thus neatly dividing themselves between songs you can’t play and songs you don’t want to play. Weezer’s […]

Goodriddler, Safe Boating Is No Accident: UkeTube

Videos in today’s round-up include Patrick Wolf covering Joni Mitchell, Max De Bernardi laying out with the Red Wine Serenaders, Goodriddler taking his time before breaking out the uke, a banjo-uke cover of Danzig and another prodigy to make us ashamed of our meagre abilities.

Ukulele Christmas List

I used to be pretty easy to buy for. A CD or anything ukulele related would serve. Spotify has completely killed off the first and I have more ukulele stuff than anyone of limited abilities can make use of. So here’s a list for those of you dying to send me over-priced junk for Christmas […]

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