Keston Cobblers’ Club – Beam (Chords)

Keston Cobblers’ Club – Beam (Chords)

I’ve been singing the praises of Keston Cobblers’ Club for quite a while but their new EP A Scene of Plenty is the best thing they’ve done yet.

This ode to Iron & Wine is the single from it and is dead easy to play. They’re all variations on a G chord. Although they do have different roles in the song depending on what the other instruments are doing. For example, in the middle section the first G is playing the role of an Em7. But I’ve kept the same chord names throughout to keep things simple.

Suggested Strumming

For a simple main strum you can use:

d – d u – u d u

Intro: A bit complicated. Two down-strums on the G. Back to the main strum until the last three chords. Do d – d u for the Gsus4 and G. Then back to the main pattern for the last chord.

Verse and Outro: Main strum once for each chord.

Chorus: Main strum once for each chord except the Gsus2s. Main pattern twice for the first Gsus2. And four times for the last one.

Shouty Bit If you’re feeling ambitious on the A-meh-ri-ca bit you can do three triplet strums followed by a down strum on each syllable. Or you can just do four down-strums.

Middle: Main strum once for every chord. Except twice on the final chord.


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