Brain Scoop Theme (Tab)

Brain Scoop Theme (Tab)

The Brain Scoop is one of my favourite YouTube channels. It’s the channel of Emily Graslie who was working in a tiny museum in Missoula when Vlogbrother Hank Green featured her in a video and talked her into starting a YouTube channel. Now she works in the massive Field Museum making videos on everything they do from slicing open animals, to expiditions, to searching through their collections (including their ukulele). I highly recommend checking it out.

It also has a catchy theme tune (by general Nerdfighteria producer Michael Aranda) that I had to do a uke version of. I’m very excited that it got the Brain Scoop and Hank Green seal of approval.


The Brain Scoop on YouTube
Michael Aranda on Bandcamp
John Green Swindon Town medley (Tab)

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