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UPDATE: Voting closed. Thanks to everyone who took the time to vote.

I’ve been dragged from my Christmas break to bring you an important announcement.

The Bobby McGee’s are one of the contenders for Xfm’s New Music Award and need your help to get through to the shortlist phase.

Go to this page and write in:

First Choice Artist-
The Bobby McGees

First Choice Album-
L’Appropriation Bourgoisie De La Bobby McGees

You don’t need to log in or anything annoying like that. And you can vote once for each email address you have (I’ve already voted three times).

You need to vote for three – the contenders are here. If you can’t be arsed wading through them, the other known ukers on the list are:

Florence And The Machine – Lungs
(Hear them doing Postcards from Italy)
Tom Allalone & The 78s – Major Sins Pt. 1
(Hear them doing Casillero Del Diablo)

You’ve got until Friday to cast your vote.

More from the Bobby McGee’s

Learn Ukulele with the Bobby McGee’s
Forever and a Day (Chords)
Bobby McGee’s Interview

The Bobby McGee’s – A Dog At All Things

The Bobby McGee’s – A Dog At All Things (Chords)

Ah, dogs. So like us.

The chords for this one are dead simple (C, F and G). The only tricky part is the little hammer-on riff:

Bobby McGee's ukulele tab

And that wraps it up for the most tab filled week in Uke Hunt history. I’m off for a rest.

Buy The Bobby McGee’s’s latest album on Cherryade Records.

The Bobby McGee’s – Birdsong (Kabhi Khushi, Khabie Gham)

The Bobby McGee’s – Birdsong (Tab)

How does he have any bandmates left?

I have no idea, but I’m glad Eleanor manages to put up with him because this song is a little gem. The uke part is lovely. It reminds me of Romanza and is entertaining enough to be played just by itself.

Buy The Bobby McGee’s’s latest album on Cherryade Records.

The Bobby McGee’s – Forever and a Day

Bobby McGee’s – When Father Died Ferrets Licked Away the Tears (Tab)

Another Bobby McGee’s song with two titles. The longer, less obvious one comes from a headline in The Brighton Argus. What the story was about, I have no idea.

Jimmy’s take on the more obvious title and the song itself: “FOREVER & A DAY: was a phrase whose first “recorded” utterance was in the Shakespere play “As You Like It” (or possibly “Taming Of The Shrew”)…..queue many bad Shakespere jokes during the live performance….The solo…well, you really have to see it performed live to appreciate it…I used to ALWAYS get a cheer when I managed to get to the end without screwing it up!….El said it was more to do with the look on my face than the technical virtuosity of the piece.”

The song got picked up by Film 4 for an ad. Resulting in enough royalties to keep them in face paint and retro dresses for a long time to come.

Buy on iTunes

The Bobby McGee’s – Goodbye Blue Monday

Bobby McGee’s – Goodbye Blue Monday

Probably my favourite bit of uke playing on the album. You can see most of what’s going on in the video with Eleanor’s fingerpicking and Jimmy’s much loved triplet strums. I tabbed up the bit Eleanor plays in the video as it’s a bit fancier than the part on the album.

Buy The Bobby McGee’s’s latest album on Cherryade Records.

Learn Ukulele With The Bobby McGee’s

Jimmy has upload a bunch of ukulele advice videos teaching you how to be a Bobby McGee’s style ukulele hero in the way that only he can. Here’s a selection and you can watch them all on his YouTube Channel. Read the rest of this entry »

The Bobby McGee’s – Uh Oh (Certum Est Quia Possible)

A quick tab of the intro riff to this one:

ukulele tab

The chords are B – A – C – B in the verse. And you have G, D and C in the chorus in typical lightning fast Bobby McGee’s style. You can get the full explanation in this video.

Buy it on Cherryade Records.

The Bobby McGee’s – Go, Tiger, Go (We Never Sleep)

The best ukulele bit of this song is impossible to hear on the album version, but Jimmy fills us on it in this video. So here’s the tab:


If you can’t handle the fancy stuff, you can play C and G in the chorus.

You can find this one on L’Appropriation Bourgoisie de la Bobby McGee’s (and you get a free sweetie when you buy it).

The Bobby McGee’s – Billy & Tracey (Kill Yourself)

The Bobby McGee’s – Billy & Tracey (Tab and Chords)

A fairly good representation of The Bobby McGee’s ukulele style with Jimmy dishing out some rapid strumming and Eleanor with the single note runs.

One interesting thing is that the two parts seem to be in conflict with each other. In the A chord Jimmy’s playing a major third (C#) and Eleanor is playing the minor third (C). When I asked Jimmy about it he said, “The major over a minor third was something I first heard in the work of Shostakovich…or was it Buddy Holly????” And he also notes that the A chord is played with a rock and roll hammer-on from A7 to A.

The Billy and Tracey of the title are Billy Childish & Tracey Emin.

Buy The Bobby McGee’s’s latest album on Cherryade Records.

The Bobby McGee’s Week – Interview

This week sees the long await release of The Bobby McGee’s debut album L’Appropriation Bourgoisie de la Bobby McGee’s. And what better way to celebrate than with a week packed with McGee-goodness. Starting with a interview with Jimmy.

The Bobby McGee’s have been together for about 7 years. How come you’ve only just got round to releasing an album?

A few reasons, firstly, I was never going to pay to have an album recorded or put one out myself. I reckoned if someone else wouldn’t put out our music it was because it wasn’t good enough to be released. I also wanted to work with good people infact I would rather work with good people than make money from working with dodgy people (though some money would be nice!). Secondly we built our own studio, or rather Graeme our bass player did! Converted an old garage, built floors, walls & roofs, equipped it & set it all up…like all building projects it took longer than first thought!

What can we expect from the album?

Some beautiful songs, some wise words, some mad rants and the best use of a ukulele since George Formby invented the split stroke!

Go listen to the bassline in Go Tiger Go!

It seems like everyone loves the Bobby McGee’s. Are you the first twee band to receive plaudits from Kerrang?

I think so, that was ace…

“Pure Fucking Genius!” was the phrase they used.

I was standing in the middle of a video shoot when I heard about it, I was a biker extra in a porn remake of “From Dusk Till Dawn” (don’t ask…but Dawn was a lovely girl!) I had a naked dancer in front of me, a man with a snake in his arms on my left and a bottle of jack Daniels in my hand when I got a text from my friend Jon, “Congratulations on the Kerrang review!”…for 15min I was Axl Rose!

You and Eleanor have very different styles of uke playing. How do you get them to gel together?

L.O.V.E! Girls do seem to just play differently from boys…Boys are all GEORGE FORMBY, fast strums and flashy technique…Girls are more HAWAII, beautiful mellody & gentle picking…but to make something truly great you need a wee bit of both.

Our songs have always been a mixture of my songs, Eleanor’s songs and songs we write together. I like them all!

My technique, I struggle with a rhythm or technique for hours, storm off in a huff shouting “I can’t do this…it’s stupid!”..Eleanor works it out in 2min and teaches me….then Graeme shouts at me until I can play it in time.

You’ve been active on the ukulele scene for quite a while. What’s your view of the ukulele scene at the moment?

If I walked onstage at a comedy club and did a Billy Connolly routine I’d be laughed out the place…That sums it up perfectly I think!

You’re a big advocate of people writing their own music. What advice can you give those who, like me, have no songwriting ability whatsoever?

Book yourself a gig today…or find an open mic’and go play…some real good songs came to me on the way to gigs! Rip interesting sentences from books or newspapers, play G then C then D…add the words…bingo, a song! It’s a start. Writing and performing your own songs is a totally different skill from playing covers and I’m still not sure about the crossover…I had it described best by a man I know only as J Boy Shine he talked about Artists & Artisans and the importance of both…I have a video I made about my 21 tips for songwriting and performance.

What can we expect from the Bobby McGee’s in the future?

Well, I have 2 solo albums recorded: 68 Love Songs(& a poem about shagging) & LOVE SONG 101…(thats a total of 170 new songs! I gave a copy of the 1st album to Billy Childish…I said to him “69 songs Mr Childish, but if I’m honest, only 67 of them are brilliant.” He laughed, but he hasn’t gotten back yet!).

I have ideas for another dozen, some recorded with no lyrics and some drunkenly hummed into my phone. I want to hear dance remixes of my songs…I’d love that! I saw the Japanese band MELT BANANA about a month ago and was hugely inspired, I’ve been experimenting with effects pedals ever since! My playings getting technically better which actually makes it harder to write songs as I always want to throw in a triplet, a split stroke or a 13th Chord instead of just writing a song!

L’Appropriation Bourgoisie de la Bobby McGee’s is released today on Cherryade Records.

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