Brandi Carlile – Oh Dear (Chords)

Brandi Carlile – Oh Dear (Chords)

I must admit I had no idea who Brandi Carlile was until I saw this clip. But when I posted it on the Saturday UkeTube there was an outpouring of love from the ukers. It’s not hard to see why. This is a lovely little ukulele tune.

Suggested Strumming

Dead easy. It’s all down strums on the beats.

Ricky Rodriguez: Monday Exposure

Ricky Rodriguez – I Wouldn’t Call It Love (Live)(MP3)
Ricky Rodriguez – BFF not GF (Live)(MP3)
Ricky Rodriguez – Moustache (Live)(MP3) via One Night Music

Ukulele? Check. Kazoo? Check. Song about facial hair? Check. Nerdy disposition? Check. Zeitgeist confirmed. Rush him through for a Monday Exposure.

Visit Ricky Rodriguez’s photography site and One Night Music

Laurel and Hardy Theme (Tab)

Laurel and Hardy Theme (Dance of the Cuckoos) (Tab)

After Steve sent me this slightly worrying video, I decided this is perfect for the ukulele. It’s simple to play, works perfectly on the uke and I’ve been strumming it the whole time.

I’m using D-tuning in the video, but C-tuning will work fine. The D-tuning does add a bit of plinky-plonky to it though.

Dent May, Craig Chee, Sebi: Saturday UkeTube

Fewer videos than usual this week. Must be down to me being in a bad mood. I wasn’t even keen on Sophie Madeleine’s new one at first (it grew on me). And I dragged down the average by uploading five videos of my own.

If you want you fill-up of music, here are a few excellent non-uke videos:

Black Joe Lewis and the Honeybears – Bobby Booshay
Lindi Ortega – I Never Loved a Man…
Tripping Lily – The Little Black Dress
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Cordoba, Kala Solid Electric: Ukulele Window Shopping

Cordoba‘s use of the term ‘Portuguese koa’ has long had me flummoxed. I noticed recently that they’ve stopped using the term and are now just using ‘koa’. So I contacted them to find out what up and this is what they said:

There has been a big debate over Koa throughout the entire industry over many years. In our efforts to free ourselves from the inquiries about our Koa used in the 25sk, 25ck, 25tk, and 25tk-ce we are marketing these ukuleles as just koa… Just to be clear, the models that are available today are still handmade in Portugal, but we would appreciate it if you would write about our ukuleles as koa ukuleles instead of using the terminology “Portuguese Koa”.

Make of that what you will.

I mentioned a few weeks ago that the new Bugsgear EleUkes are being made by Kala. That’s the case in the UK at least. Looks like in the US the same ukulele is being branded as a Kala.

A not often seen Earnest Tululele (the one that looks like a Telecaster – as played by Eddie Vedder) on eBay UK.

MGM has a couple of KoAloha Sceptres for sale.

At first I thought Kamaka that someone had stuck tiki design on. But, no, they were actually sold that way.

This week Bosko’s selling Ohanas to raise cash for the Oz Safari.

Combining the themes of Australia, electric ukes and Tele-a-likes,

Paris Uke Fest 2010 Off, Ukulele Loki: Friday Links

There won’t be a Paris Uke Fest 2010 (via Armelle).

And speaking of Armelle, she’s interviewed me – using her crafty techniques to drag a few neuroses out of me.

Ukulele Loki is giving away his whole album for free this week only.

Bosko and Honey announce the Safari winner and here it is.

If you’re reading this in the UK before 5:30PM on Friday – you might be able to hear my uke playing on Radio 4. Update: Well, they used my version, but they didn’t give me any credit for it. Here’s the MP3.

U900 release a Christmas album. interview Jake Shimabukuro.

UKDad has been asked to design a new Fluke. See some of his ideas here. If you were designing a Fluke, what would you go for? I think I’d be all zeitgeist and go for a moustache.

Quiz yourself on ukulele chords.

Podcast interview with Rock That Uke director.

Laura Veirs’s Spelunking on Uker Tabs.

Marvin Gaye ukulele in Midsummer Night’s Dream.

MP3s: Circles of Concrete has Christpher Bell’s rather lovely Robert L. Sinclaire. Boston Band Crush has one from The Sound of Growing Up.

Amy Crehore has some new sketches and Tickler 3 is on the way.

Would young Patak have been able to get his hands on a Lisa in those days? Even if he didn’t think it was a guitar. (Thanks to Tom for spotting that).

Photos: At home with the Swainsons Part 1 Part 2 (check out the rest of that guy’s photos as well – like this guy). Model with uke.

Adorable: Cory McAbee and his daughter duet. Go to Behind the Scenes, Rocket Ship, 2min30.

Chipswow interviewed by WAF!. She’s a lot less cutesy-wootsy when she’s speaking French.

In the comments: There was a great deal of discussion about how the hell James Hill was playing Billie Jean so I asked him.

Mr B the Gentleman Rhymer – Chap-Hop History (Tab & Chords)

Mr B the Gentleman Rhymer‘s hip-hop history has caused a bit of a stir on 7 of the 8 internets, so I thought I’d plow through the whole thing.

A lot to get through in this one. But start out by tuning up to the traditional banjolele D tuning: aDF#B.

Rapper’s Delight Section

mrbrappers ukulele tab

There’s tab for the bass riff here – but it’s in a different key.

King of Rock and Enormous Guitar Solo Section

My favourite section of the song. He uses the same chords for the, “enormous guitar solo” but with a few more fancy triplet strums and shifts between Em and Em7 shoved in the hole thusly:

mr b solo ukulele tab

Fight for Your Right Section

The main riff is E – G – A. But he throws in a B right before the lyrics.

The solo in this section is a lot of moving between B and Badd9+ with the occasional B7 thrown in.


She Watch Channel Zero Section
mrbchannelzero ukulele chords

Chromatically descending chords. If you’re feeling lazy you could start with E played 7655 and slide it down a fret each time.

Mama Said Knock You Out Section
mr b knock uke chords

At the start of the Knock You Ayyyyyyt section he’s just playing D and A before the E chord comes in later.

The Magic Number Section

Dead easy two chorder. Simple enough for any stoner to play.

My Name Is Section
mr b my name is tab

The whole song has been in E/Em so I’m not sure why the last bit switches up to F.

Buy it on eBay.


Since the great blog disaster, the ‘Recent Comments’ block in the sidebar has been out of action. It’s a shame since many of the comments are a lot more interesting than the junk I write. So from now on I’ll be highlighting a few, fairly randomly selected, comments in the Friday Links posts. Here a few to start off beginning with a comment about comments. Very meta.

LonnaB: Hey, Woodshed, just to be clear, do you have any rules about comments left on the blog? Have you ever removed someone’s post for being vulgar or inflammatory?

Yes, I should probably clear that up.

The official comment policy is, “”. That was the policy at the start anyway. I do delete comments that are likely to hurt someone – personally attacking someone who might actually see the comment. The only issue that really arises is when I’m the person the comment is attacking. In that case, I’ll let the comment stand or fall depending on how much of a dick you seem in the comment. If it’s constructive, that’s fine.

‘Vulgar and inflammatory’ comments, by the way, are very welcome.

Ukulele Barry: “Here’s an update from me. I’ve now had to return my third Fender Pa’ina. I won’t be getting another.

I desperately wanted to like this instrument (and in truth I did) but the quality control from Fender is disgraceful.

The third instrument that I received had a buzz coming from the bridge. This got worse over time and was completely unacceptable when I replaced the standard strings with Worths.

If Fender can iron out the issues, this will be a great Ukulele for the price. If I could buy one in a local store, I’d consider buying another after CAREFUL inspection. But right now, I’m not going to risk another mail order fiasco.

D- for Fender. Must try harder.”

There have been a lot of reviews of Fender ukuleles on that post. Most of have been negative. The only positive comment was from Ukulele Ray and he’s not exactly impartial.

cardboardfrog RE Lulu and the Lampshades: i’ve only just realized that the rhythmn to the yoghurt pots and all the moves are from a drinking game we play in the pub, you do all those actions passing the cup to your right and if your on a round table all the cups circulate in a very pretty fashion, works really well with vocals too

cbf’s years of alcoholism have paid off because he’s absolutely right. Here are some drunk people in Seville having a go at it along with the ever popular beer mat flipping (and some NSFW language).

stevius: There were a total of 25 new video clips uploaded on the Corktown Ukulele Jam (torontoUKES) channel last week – a significant undertaking that involved a huge amount of effort and generosity on the part of all involved, performers and organizers alike. What a shame that 25 performances were evaluted on the subjective merit of “a few”.

That’s referencing a comment I made in response to Acilius. I would like to watch more videos than I do, but I can’t watch them all. If you want to increase the likelihood of me watching yours then:

– include the name of the song in the title.
– do an original and put ‘(original)’ in the title.
– let me know about the video. I’ll always check out the videos of blog readers. I’m fine with you telling me when you’ve uploaded a video, so long as your fine with me not necessarily putting it on the blog. I lost count of how many times Todd emailed me before I featured one of his videos. Now he’s one of the most featured ones on here.

ronhale on the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain: “Maybe it’s just me, but to me anyway, the Ukes are (at least) as much a visual treat as they are a musical pleasure. Some of their songs are not just songs, they are musical skits in which the
acting is at least as important & enjoyable as the music.

Something like You Don’t Bring Me Flowers or Orange Blossom Special, which shine on the Anarchy in the Ukulele DVD, would be virtually pointless on a live CD, & hearing audience participation just doesn’t cut it
compared to seeing the audience members, too. Even songs that are not skits always have something visual happening, as each band member has a unique musical/visual personality & the visual personality is lost
on a CD.

People who love their DVD or videos should just close their eyes & see if the impact is the same. It isn’t. It’s been four years since the DVD, & a new live DVD is most welcome, but they should not pretend that they are simply a music group, & ignore the visuals. Some of them come from acting/comedy backgrounds, after all.

Hard to imagine Shaft without that one audience shot (not a visual of the band, of course), or The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly without seeing Jonty break-up.

Anyway, maybe my emphasis on the visual aspect of the band is just me, because Will doesn’t say a word about it. And I would love to hear what the other people think about this, because (to me, anyway) they’re only as
popular as they are Because of the extra-musical, visual aspects of their shows that people experience live & on the many videos floating around. Ukulele performances alone are just not going to bring civilians into the ukulele fold, but ukulele entertainment can.

Toss in Wuthering Heights & you have my three favorite Ukes tunes, but the WH on Live in London #1, is a pale, pathetic, poser wannabe of the DVD version.

The Ukes, of course, have played the Electric Proms, joining the Kaiser Chiefs on Ruby (one of my favorite videos of them).”

ronhale’s comments are almost an entire blog on their own and are always good for a read.

Led Zeppelin – Kashmir (Riff Tab)

led zeppelin ukulele tab


I don’t know why this is only the third time I’ve featured the Mighty Zeppelin (Whole Lotta Love, Stairway to Heaven) they’re quite clearly the greatest band in history. Perhaps because all their songs are heroically unsuited to the ukulele. This one certainly is. It took a fair bit of fudging and key changing, but I think this version just about works.

I’m using a pick in the MP3 but that’s just because I recorded this right after Master of Puppets and forgot to put it down.

Part of the Guitar Riffs for Ukulele series.

Requested by Jennifer.

Todd ‘Brother Sonny’ Baio: Interview

If you’ve been paying any attention to the Saturday UkeTube at all, you’ll know I’m a big fan of Todd. With him putting out a new CD, Odd Hill Music, it seemed the perfect time to pump him for more information.

What can we expect from your new CD?

Odd Hill Music” is a collection of 21 folk and old-timey songs (with one original thrown in there :) . Some of the tunes are the lo-fi mp3s from my you tube channel and a handful of the songs are from some time spent in my office recording with a little more attentiveness to mic placement, etc. It’s a very “uke-ccentric” collection replete with soprano, concert, and baritone ukulele, but it also includes tracks with harmonica, washboard, 3 string cigar box guitar, and the 12 string guitar (which i affectionately call the ‘boom stick’). i’d say it’s a bit quirky, very simple, pretty lo-fi, pretty fun, and a bit punk….even though it’s folk :)

You mentioned on your blog that the ukulele has inspired you to write more songs. Why do you think that is?

*i’ve got a new blog by the way that i promise to post more consistently on….because it’s focus is scattered like me

I think this is a great question. Quite honestly, i think it’s partly because i’ve been playing the guitar for 20 some odd years and have become a little too comfortable with it’s voice and tone….(another reason i’ve recently picked up the 12 string guitar and been messing around with alternate tunings). Another part of the equation would have to be the unique voice and feel of the uke….even the baritone (gasp). The re-entrant tuned ukes just breathe fresh life into chord patterns/riffs (which is usually how i start making/writing tunes) and the baritone uke has a simplicity to it that I believe is a good fit for my voice.

Which of your homemade instruments is your favourite?

I’ve got two right now. one is a modification i did on a crappy grizzly kit uke. The Uke-Cimer. I pulled frets off to give it a diatonic scale/dulcimer fretboard and i put the 1st and 2nd strings close together to make them one course….i think i have it tuned to DAD. the other is a 3 stringed box guitar i made out of an old art supply box and a plank of pine….it’s got natural overdrive when you strum it hard enough!

You often play for kids. How do you find they react to the old songs?

They’re absolutely super! They get very involved, many of them are pretty familiar with some of the old folk songs I do (probably thanks to Dan Zanes’ family music empire), and they’re pretty forgiving if i chunk a verse here or there….

You’ve got a new YouTube channel for family, singalong songs. Do you come from a musical family?

Yessir. is my start up channel to promote singalongs and internet porch music. I come from a family that appreciates music, but not many players….it’s neat though, my 3 year old son is already messing with the uke, percussion, and my homemade creations, and my 4 year old daughter seems to have a knack for song and dance.

How can people get hold of your CDs?

I’m still a technical Luddite. folks can get ahold of me through my Youtube Channels or e-mail me at (you can see logistics here). Until I can’t maintain it, I actually prefer doing transactions via the e-mail and postal service because I’ve made a lot of great friends that way….it’s a bit more relational. I’ll do the whole paypal thing when i hit folk star status ;)

Visit Todd on YouTube and on his blog.

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