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Last Shadow Puppets – Standing Next to Me

Last Shadow Puppets – Standing Next to You (Chords) As I was saying on ezFolk before I was so rudely expunged, my once a year gambling habit has raised its head with this year’s Mercury Music Prize. It’s a tricky choice this year. Loyalty demands that I root for Laura Marling, being the only nominee […]

Kiwi Ukulele: the New Zealand Ukulele Companion

A look at the latest ukulele beginner’s book: Kiwi Ukulele: the New Zealand Ukulele Companion.

Vampire Weekend – Oxford Comma

Vampire Weekend – Oxford Comma (Chords) To answer Vampire Weekend’s question, Lynne Truss and no one else. But plenty, of people, give a, fuck about, Vampire Weekend,s Oxford Comma, so I decided, to give it, a write, up, Dead simple chords for this one (G, C, D and Am). And the first part of the […]

Beirut – Hallelujah

Beirut – Hallelujah (Chords) Zach Condon quite often finishes off Beirut gigs with a cover of Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah. Although his version is closer to Jeff Buckley’s (one of the best cover versions ever recorded). The chords are fairly simple. One thing he does a few times in the song (and loads of times in […]

Bishop Allen – Butterfly Nets

Bishop Allen – Butterfly Nets (Chords) There are a couple of great ukulele tunes on Bishop Allen’s The Broken String album: Click, Click, Click, Click (which you can download on their website) and Butterfly Net. Of the two, Butterfly Nets is by far the easiest to play – all baby’s first ukulele chords. The version […]

Seeso, Janet Klein, James Hill and More

This week’s videos include Seeso, Janet Klein, James Hill and many more. Seeso – I Wish

GUGUG/The Ramones – Blitzkrieg Bop

GUGUG – Blitzkrieg Bop (Chords) I’ve had this one written up and been intending to post it since the Ukulele Video of the Year (I think it was my favourite, still can’t decide), but I finally got a kick up the arse when it was featured on Boing Boing yesterday. The chords to the song […]

SoKo – I Will Never Love You More

Soko – I Will Never Love You More (Chords)(PDF) When I mentioned Soko in my best of 2007 posts, I had no idea she was a ukulelist. Not long after that post, I Will Never Love You More cropped up on her MySpace. I decided right then I’d have to put up the chords, but […]

Israel Kamakawiwo’ole/Jason Castro – Somewhere Over the Rainbow (Chords)

Jason Castro/Israel Kamakawiwo’ole – Somewhere Over the Rainbow (Click here for Chords) I never thought I’d be putting this song on the blog. But, when I realised even Simon Cowell isn’t too hard-hearted and cynical to be won over by a song’s charm, I reconsidered my position. Despite the obligatory American Idol warblings, I thought […]

Joan Jett – Bad Reputation (from Freaks and Geeks)

Joan Jett – Bad Reputation (Chords) It might just be me that remembers Freaks and Geeks, and I was mostly there for Linda Cardellini and the theme tune. As I understand it, the series didn’t even make it to the end in the US. But we got the whole thing here in the UK. Apparently, […]

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