Ukulele Christmas Quiz 2018

Time for the annual Uke Hunt Christmas quiz time-waster. The rules are as retro as ever.

– Grab a pen and paper
– Display knowledge.
– Check the answers here (no peeking).

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Name the Chord

What chord are these? (All the chords are either major, minor or 7. Nothing more complicated than that.)






Name the Brand

Click the photo for a bigger version.


Photo by Austin Public Library


Photo by Bureau of Land Management


Photo by Mick Jeffries


Photo by Charles Mims


Photo by Charles Mims

Name the Cover

Who first released the songs these ukulele orchestras are covering?

11. Roundhay Ukulele Group


12. Trellebelle Ukulele Orchestra


13. Ukulele Orchestra jako Brno


14. Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain


15. Grand Old Uke of York


Name the Celeb

Which celebrity is displaying their uke?


a) Sylvester Stallone
b) Arnold Schwarzenegger
c) Jason Statham
d) Dolph Lundgrun


a) Charli XCX
b) Demi Lovato
c) Dua Lipa
d) Selena Gomez


a) Kristen Wiig
b) Amy Poehler
c) Tina Fey
d) Emily Blunt


a) Kyra Sedgwick & Kevin Kline
b) Kyra Sedgwick & Kevin Costner
c) Kyra Sedgwick & Kevin Keegan
d) Kyra Sedgwick & Kevin Bacon


a) Michael Jordan
b) Dennis Rodman
c) Shaquille O’Neal
d) LeBron James

Name the Lyric

Which songs – oft covered on ukulele – are these lyrics from?

21. When the night has come / And the land is dark / And the moon is the only light we’ll see

22. What’s it like in New York city? / I’m a thousand miles away / But, girl, tonight you look so pretty

23. Two drifters, off to see the world / There’s such a lot of world to see

24. He didn’t walk up with that “how you doin’?” (When he came in the room) / He said there’s a lot of girls I can do with (But I can’t without you)

25. Somebody once told me the world is gonna roll me / I ain’t the sharpest tool in the shed

Check the answers here

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