Blind Melon – No Rain (Tabs and Chords)

Blind Melon – No Rain (Chords)

I originally had this one planned for the Acoustic Intros post. But in a fit of nostalgia I blundered into writing up the entire thing.

The chords are a bit tricky. There’s a fast switch between G and the dreaded E chord. You can make the transition a little quicker by using these alternative chord shapes. Or you can put a capo on the second fret and play it like this.

Suggested Strumming

For the intro, chorus and solos do this on the E chord:

d – d – d u d

And this on the D:

u – u – u – u d u

Notice that you switch chords on the up strum. Together they sound like this:


In the verses you can use this twice on E and D and once on A:

d – d u – u d –

One long down strum on A and two down strums on G.

Verse Strum

Twiddly Bits

Here’s the intro. It’s nice and simple.



No Rain (Lead Tab)

The verse follows a similar pattern and includes a few bends. Things get very tricky in the solo. I’ve had to move things around to fit them onto uke.

Here’s how it sounds:



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Bonus Tabs and Chords

It seems I just can’t stop myself tabbing. Despite being on a blog break the last few weeks, I put up a few time-sensitive tabs and chords in other places. Here’s a catch-up on them:

O’Neill – Nun Song (From Orange is the New Black)(Chords)

O’Neill- Nun Song (Chords)

As I mentioned yesterday I loved the second series of Orange is the New Black (even if it was the straw that broke that camel’s back and made me sick of John “sick fuck” Green being everywhere.)

Of course my favourite part was O’Neill’s anti-nun banjolele song. So I had to put up the chords. And, delightfully, I got a shout out from the man himself.

Joel Marsh Garland on Twitter
Orange is the New Black on Netflix

Bottom Theme: The Mar-Keys – Last Night (Tab)

Mar-Keys – Last Night (Tab)

For anyone annoyed by my toilet humour and swearing in blog posts, you can lay the blame squarely at the feet of Rik Mayall and Ade Edmondson. I was obsessed with Bottom and The Dangerous Brothers in my younger days. I’ve even snuck in the occasional reference on the blog.

So after the death of Rik Mayall I had to do my own little tribute.

The Mar-Keys version on iTunes
Watch Bottom on Netflix UK

Eux Autres – World Cup Fever (Chords)

Eux Autres – World Cup Fever (Chords)

It might be four years until this song is relevant again but it’s a top notch song all the year round.

Eux Autres – World Cup Fever (Solo Tab)

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Brett Domino – Sexy When You Do That (Bassoon Riff)

After all those emails begging me to transpose a riff from bassoon to ukulele I’ve finally caved in.


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Blank Ukulele Tab

Blank Ukulele Tab (PDF)

Big Blank Ukulele Tab (PDF)

A couple of PDFs of blank ukulele tabs for you to print out and scribble on.

Little Drummer Boy (Tab)

To give you an idea of the tabs in the Christmas Ukulele III ebook, here’s an arrangement in the same styles and with a similar difficulty.

The Little Drummer Boy is (supposed to be) based on an old Czech folk melody. But it only became well known when rearranged and given lyrics in the 1950s for the Harry Simeone Chorale version.

Full Arrangement

Little Drummer Boy (Tab)

This arrangement is designed to be played solo. It can all be played with your thumb on your picking hand. When you play more than one string just strum your thumb down until you hit the last note in the chord.

The notes in brackets here are backing notes. They’re not part of the melody so play them softly.

Melody Arrangement

Little Drummer Boy (Melody Tab)

This version is even simpler. It splits up the chords and the melody into different parts. So you can play this version with a friend or with this MP3. It’s stereo split so you can play along with either the chords or the melody.

Melody Version

For the strumming here I’m just doing two down strums per bar.


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Christmas Ukulele III

Christmas Ukulele III: Return of the Magi


It’s the third and final ebook of the Christmas Ukulele Trilogy. I promise not to make any shitty prequels.

Ten more Christmas tunes arranged as easily as possible so you’ll be able to play them if you’re called on to provide a festive performance at any point.

This collection is the most varied so far. As well as a selection of Christmas carols it includes the Appalachian tune Christmas Time Will Soon Be Over (as made famous by Jack White’s version on the Cold Mountain soundtrack), the creepy English folk song Down in Yon Forest and Hanukkah O Hanukkah.

It’s priced $7 but you can get $2 off by using this code in the checkout before Christmas:


Add Christmas Ukulele III to Cart

If you don’t own Christmas Ukulele and Christmas Ukulele 2 yet, you can pick up all three for the price of two:

Add all three to Cart

The code ‘theothertinytim’ will get you $2 off that as well.

What You Get

– Tabs of full arrangements for these traditional Christmas favourites:

Christmas Time Will Soon Be Over?
Ding Dong Merrily on High?
Down in Yon Forest
Hanukkah O Hanukkah
I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day
It Came Upon a Midnight Clear (The “Hymn” version.)
O Holy Night
O Little Town of Bethlehem (The Ralph Vaughan Williams version.)
What Child Is This? (Greensleeves)

They’re all arranged without any fancy finger work. The picking hand can all be done with the thumb. (The exception is Christmas Time Will Soon Be Over which has a simple arrangement and a more difficult one). They’re intended for high-g tuning.

– Super-simple melody arrangements of all those tunes. Only one note at a time. These include tab, standard notation and lyrics.

– MP3s of the melody arrangements. Stereo split so you can play along with either the melody or the chords.

– A PDF with performance notes and tips on playing all versions of the tunes.

Quick warning: if you’re using iPad/iPhone/Android you can’t download everying directly to your gadget. But there is a link to download the main body of the book (with the performance notes and the full arrangements) directly to you device.

What They Sound Like

Full Arrangement Videos

Melody Versions

Here’s what the melody-only versions sound like. The melody tab also has chord names so you can be accompanied by a friend. Or if, like me, you’re a badass loner you can play along with these mp3s. They’re split so the left hand side has the chords and the right has the melody.

Christmas Time Will Soon Be Over

Ding Dong Merrily on High

Down in Yon Forest

Hanukkah O Hanukkah

I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day

It Came Upon a Midnight Clear

O Holy Night

O Little Town of Bethlehem


What Child Is This?

Buy It

Buy Christmas Ukulele III:

Add Christmas Ukulele III to Cart

Buy Christmas Ukulele III with Christmas Ukulele and Christmas Ukulele 2:

Add all three to Cart

Get $2 of either of them using this code:


Lorde/WIUO – Team (Chords)

Lorde/WIUO – Team (Chords)

After 9 years of being together, the Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra have put out their debut album Be Mine Tonight. It’s a collection of songs from New Zealand largely unknown in these more civilised parts. It serves as a guide to all the songs we’ve missed out on from impressively magnificent treasures that should have been global mega-hits to impressively, magnificent cheese.

One song that did make it global is Lorde’s Team. And that’s the one I chose to write up.

Slap a capo on the first fret and the chords are straightforward. Both songs are in the same key and the chords are pretty much identical. So this will work for playing along with both of them.

Suggested Strumming

When I’m playing along with the Lorde version I like to do all downstrums as the main strum. But with the third strum in each group of four emphasised to match the clap. So with the capital D being a strong downstrum:

d d D d

The only difference is the short Dm chords in the chorus and outro. There I just do two downstrums.

Together it sounds like this (slow then up to speed):


The WIUO is a bit more laid back and I go with ‘d u’s as the main strum.

d u d u d u d u


Buy the Lorde version
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Royals chords
More WIUO tabs, chords and whatnots

Friday Links

New Releases

– Pre-order the Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra’s debut album. (Wait, debut album? … So it is).
Maybe by Sage Harrington.
UkePunk’s Punk Police The Album.
Wild Child’s The Runaround.


– Halloween chord book The Haunted Ukulele.
– You can find all my Halloween tabs and chords here. And in case you still can’t decide what to be.


The Blues And The Abstract Uke by The Paul Hemmings Uketet.


Ukulele photoshop contest.
Cat submits his ukulele record to Sony.

The ukulele orchestra feud continues with head UKUO man Peter Moss calling the UOGB “more of an amateur orchestra” and “a semi-professional outfit”. Which The Guardian followed up with, “Court papers show the UOGB turned over £4m over the past five years from a global concert schedule, which included shows at the Carnegie Hall in New York and Sydney Opera House”.

George Harrison’s sordid interest.

A luthier finds out if you can make a souvenir ukulele playable?

Arctic Monkeys – AM Medley (Tab)

Arctic Monkeys – AM Medley (Tab)

Way back in 2007 the second ever chord post I did was Despair in the Departure Lounge. Since then there’s been a steady stream of request for more Monkeys which I’d always replied to with, “I’ll do another Monkeys tab when they go back to making good records.” Johnny called me out on that promise correctly pointing out that the new album is awesome.

So here’s a medley of most of the songs on the album:

One for the Road/Do I Wanna Know?/Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High?/Arabella/Knee Socks/I Want It All/R U Mine?

Trickiest Bits

The trickiest bits for the fretting are the two big leaps on the fretboard. There’s the big slide up in R U Mine? where it isn’t such a big deal if you don’t hit it exactly. The really hard one is the 8th fret in bar 5. Cut that 1st fret note before it really short to give yourself some time to get up.

The trickiest bits for the strumming hand are the palm muting (i.e. lightly resting the underside of your hand on the string at the bridge to muffle the strings). In One for the Road and Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High? I’m muting all the strings. In Do I Wanna Know? I’m trying my best to mute the C-string while letting the E- and A-strings ring. As you can hear in the video I don’t always pull it off. It’s hard to get right so there’s nothing wrong with playing this section without any muting at all.


Fluorescent Adolescent tabs and chords
Despair in the Departure Lounge chrods

Friday Links

Last chance to order a Uke Hunt t-shirt. The minimum order has been passed so they’re definitely going to get made and shipped as soon as the pre-ordering is done.


Light-box ukulele.
And that’s why you don’t play ukulele with a pick.
Martin found under a bed.

New Releases

Allo Darlin’s We Come from the Same Place.
Nicholas Abersold’s String Cheese.
Emilyn Brodsky Eats Her Feelings.


– Two new tab sites: Fingerstyle rules! (click on the letters on the right for the tabs) and the Spanish language Ukelatino.


1936 Harmonica & Uke: Percy Spouse + Sid Owen, Australia (Thanks to Ron Hale).

Ukulele chord changer – like the Chordmaster that Islanders used to have. You strap it to the neck, press a button and it’ll make a chord for you. I wouldn’t recommend it for most people but I know a guy with arthritis who uses a Chordmaster so worth checking out if you have those sort of problems.

The Smiths – Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want (Chords)

The Smiths – Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want (Tab)

I’ve written up a few Smiths songs in the past but there aren’t many Smiths songs that translate smoothly to the ukulele. This one is a rare exception. It’s a strumalong with some nice, jazzy chords.

Plus it’s been on a bunch of movie and TV soundtracks so people are bound to know it.

Suggested Strumming

It’s in 6/8 time so this strum should see you all the way through the song:

d – d u d –

When there are quicker chord changes just change half way through this pattern.

Twiddly Bits

Please, Please, Please (Outro Tab)

The song finishes up with a tremolo picked mandolin solo. You can do the same on ukulele if you like but I’ve gone with just picking each note once.



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More Smiths tabs and chords

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